Personal attention > customized care

Florine arranges optimal care: quick and with you in mind.

Although the Dutch healthcare system is excellent, it is not always easy to find your way to appropriate care. How, for example, do you get a second opinion? What hospital has the shortest waiting periods for an effective operation? Where do you find a psychologist when you need mental support?

Florine helps you in this and arranges customized care!

Florine is your guide through the Dutch healthcare maze and arranges care that meets your specific need. It leads you through the whole process and, if necessary, keeps in touch with your family doctor or medical specialist. All this is arranged for you by your company!

Florine is independent and works on an anonymous basis if you prefer.

Your personal membership also allows your family/partner to make use of Florine!

Florine also answers your general questions on healthcare and points you in the right direction.