How Florine works

Here are a few practical examples of how Florine works.

You’ve been to your family doctor but decide that there are still various questions that are left unanswered. You might obviously call your doctor, but you can approach Florine. Florine puts you in touch with one of its physicians, to whom you can address your questions. If you wish, this can be done on an anonymous basis.

Your hospital specialist has diagnosed your problem and recommended a certain treatment. You want to be sure that his diagnosis is correct and the proposed treatment is the best and will be performed by the specialist who is most knowledgeable and experienced and has the best references. To be sure of this, you want a second opinion. Florine takes care of this for you.

In connection with your private and/or work situation you want support from a psychologist. Florine arranges this for you.


Florine has a high-quality network that includes roughly a thousand general practitioners, specialists, physical therapists and psychologists. The care suppliers of Florine include CCN, Royal Doctors, medTzorg, Cenzo, Interapy and HelloFysio. Due to its easy access to these care suppliers, Florine can quickly arrange customised care for you. Referral by a family doctor is required for reimbursement of the costs. Florine works closely with the family doctor, but you can also engage Florine on an anonymous basis.

Royal Doctors organises the specialised care that is most appropriate for you. Without any waiting lines! The best doctors are available to you, nearby when possible, worldwide when necessary. Royal Doctors is an internationally operating organisation with some 4 million members.

Cenzo collaborates with Florine in obtaining psychological care. It helps 7,000 clients per year, quickly and easily accessible, to address both psychological and social problems.

medTzorg is a Dutch organisation that has access to a large number of general practitioners and specialists. It partners with Florine in providing answers to questions that you may have in relation to health, referral to a specialist, and mediation related to physical injury and medical checkups for driving licence renewal.

Is your back or shoulder hurting, or do you some other bodily discomfort? The physical therapists of HelloFysio provide physical therapy on a remote basis.

Interapy provides online therapy for psychological problems since more than ten years. Effective treatment by an experienced online psychologist, where and when you need it. Interapy is certified by the Dutch Mental Healthcare Association (GGZ Nederland).

Cardiologie Centra Nederland (CCN) is a Dutch organisation of independent treatment centres for cardiovascular diseases. These centres distinguish themselves by their personal treatment and quick service. A doctor’s visit can be arranged within 24 hours. Examinations and an evaluation meeting take place within two hours. During this evaluation meeting the cardiologist discusses with you the diagnosis and/or treatment plan.