What does Florine do?

Although Dutch healthcare is of high quality, it is not always easy to get it. Florine helps you in this in a personal way and organises customised care as quickly as possible. Florine answers all your general questions on healthcare and points you in the right direction. You can call us anytime.

But also when you want help getting a second opinion from a family doctor or medical specialist or with an operation: Florine points the way and organises everything for you. Please contact us if you’re dealing with one of the following situations listed.

  • visit to family doctor or medical specialist
  • second opinion from family doctor or specialist
  • advice on surgery (where and by whom)
  • waiting list mediation (speeding up the process)
  • customised physical therapy
  • e-coaching* by physical therapist
  • counseling with repetitive strain injury (RSI)
  • counseling with job re-integration
  • psychologist
  • e-coaching* by psychologist (e.g. depression, panic, eating disorders)
  • advice on physical injury
  • visit to specialised cardiology centre
  • diagnostic cardiovascular examination (e.g. ECG, blood test)
  • preventive cardiovascular examination

*customized care, online contact with coach from home or office

Does the specialism or the treatment related to your problems not appear in this list? Inquire with Florine into the possibilities, and we will try to advise or refer you as well as possible. Call us at 088-1500900 (free of obligation) or have us call you back via a email to florine@florine.nu